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Dirty Ties - By Pam Godwin

Dirty Ties is an action packed, dramatic, adrenaline fueled, suspenseful, sexy-as-sin ride of a book!  This book never had a dull moment. It kept me totally immersed in all of its page-turning drama from beginning to end.

Logan 'Evader' Flynt is the undefeated champion of the illegal, underground racing circuit in Chicago.  He races to win.  He wins to fund his obsession – to annihilate the people who are responsible for his mother’s death.  With the help of his eccentric, tech genius friend, Benny, they have made this their number one mission.

Kaci Baskel has lived under the thumbs of her parents and in-laws her whole life. She is an unhappy, unsatisfied, married woman whose marriage is a sham.   As heirs to the right-wing Trenchant Media Corporation, Kaci and her gay best friend, Collin Anderson, were forced to marry under the guise of having a normal relationship in order to keep his lifestyle a secret.  Kaci and Collin have given up any chance of having normal, romantic, and sexual relationships (their marriage bed is...ahem…interesting).  They both yearn for the chance at true love, but with their parents holding all of the cards, their chances are slim to none.

Kaci spends her free time going to watch underground motorcycle races and fantasizing about the champion of this illegal circuit.  As a rider herself, Kaci waits close to the finish line, dressed all in silver to match her Ducati, just to catch a momentary glimpse of the mysterious bad boy himself. 

When Kaci is attacked in an alley after one of the races, she is suddenly saved by the one man that has been owning her dreams.  Evader and Kaci have an instant attraction to one another despite the fact that they haven’t seen each other’s faces.  This attraction leads to a very sexy scene (I won’t say anything other than that)! When Kaci’s true identity is finally revealed, Logan is shocked to find out that the woman that he wants to ravage is none other than a member of the corrupt family that he wants to destroy.

Logan wants revenge. Logan wants Kaci.  He needs to find out if she is as devious and corrupt as her family. He doesn’t want innocent people getting caught up in the sins of their parents.

The pull, the chemistry, the sexual energy between Kaci and Logan is intense. Even though this book is different from the other darker books that the author has written, she has still provided her readers with a sexually charged book that still manages to shock. Pam Godwin has done a fantastic job of weaving an intricate story and pulling it all together. Dirty Ties is brimming with corruption, greed, revenge, twists and turns, and romance…yes, romance!  It is a fast paced book that will have you cheering for the ‘good guys’ at the finish line.

​*4.5 Stars*