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Dirty Girl
(The Velvet Rope Series #1) 
By Allie Cooke

Well, this was a naughty little read.  I’m always torn when I read a novella, I know that it’s going to be short, I know there’s going to be another installment releasing soon, but I have questions that need to be answered…now.  The author has definitely piqued my curiosity with these characters and story.

Charity lives a normal life by day.  She works in a salon, she has work friends and friendly neighbors, and she has a grandmother who she visits regularly.  Sounds normal enough, right?  While her daily routine isn’t too far removed from most peoples, her nighttime hobby is.  Charity isn’t interested in having a romantic relationship, in fact, she prefers to limit her relationships to sexual encounters in nightclub washrooms – an activity that she has been partaking in for years.

While Charity’s hobby is, shall I say, unique, what makes it even more peculiar is that she also has a man who watches her (unbeknownst to her).  Boone watches her while she is out at these various nightclubs, and he knows exactly how she chooses to spend her time while she’s there.  Boone is a bit of a mystery to me.  I want to know more about him.  Other than being a voyeur, why is he obsessed with watching Charity?  Does he know her?  Why is he so worried about her safety if she’s just a stranger?  And no, I don’t think he’s merely being a Good Samaritan.

When an encounter between Charity and Boone sparks a unique arrangement between them, Charity knows that she should just walk away from Boone and his indecent proposal, but let’s face it, Charity’s judgment isn’t her best attribute.

This is a quick read that definitely grabbed my attention right from the first couple of pages.  The heat and color in my cheeks should have a chance to fade just in time for the second installment of this steamy, aptly named serial.

*4 Stars​​


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