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Dirty Doctor:  A Novella
By Whitney Gracia Williams

This was another fun, steamy afternoon break spent with the naughty words of Whitney G.!   Dirty Doctor was everything that she promised it would be.  It was a light, sexy read that provided a little escape from real life.

Garrett Ashton is a successful doctor in a private practice in New York City.  He has brains, success, looks, but his personal life is more or less nonexistent.  He doesn’t have time for relationships, so to satisfy his healthy libido, he resorts to using an exclusive app geared to meeting other successful professionals looking for a good time.

After communicating with JerseyGirl7 several times, he decides that he enjoys the flirtatious banter that they partake in.  They are supposed to be a perfect match, according to the app, but he’s not sure if it’s a good idea for them to meet, or just carry on with their dirty talk and anonymity. 

When they finally do agree to meet up for a dinner date, well, let’s just say that she didn’t expect to be getting together for a potential hook-up with the man who would be heading up her medical residency.  Awkward.  So what’s a girl to do?  She cancels the date with absolutely no notice.  She stands him up.  Leaves him waiting for her at the restaurant.  And the good doctor isn’t used to being stood up.

As anyone can probably imagine, this led the way to some interesting times at the clinic, especially when Dr. Ashton discovered who JerseyGirl7 really was.  The cold behavior and the sarcastic remarks/e-mails were flying between them.  But Natalie was pretty good at handling herself.  She was more than adept at dishing his behavior right back to him.  This also just increased the sexual tension between them. 

The communication between Garrett and Natalie/JerseyGirl7 was probably what I enjoyed the most during this story.  The witty banter between the characters left me smiling throughout the book.  Dirty Doctor is an entertaining, sexy, forbidden romance that is well worth the read!

*4 - 4.5 Stars