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Dirty Dix
(Hard Love Romance #1) 
By Monica James

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Dr. Dixon Mathews is an esteemed psychiatrist who specializes in addiction.  He is able to get to the root of his patient’s addictions, but underneath the designer suits and impeccable appearance, Dr. Mathews is hiding a secret, he has an addiction too.

In Dixon’s mind, nothing is easier than indulging in the company of a variety of women.  For the past few years he has had more than his share of sexual partners.   Burying himself in random women is his attempt at burying certain memories that he wishes to forget.  His way of life seems simple enough until he meets two very different women who bring out different versions of himself.

Juliet is a patient, but to Dixon, she is also sin personified.  Juliet is a sex addict – this is like dangling a bone in front of a hungry dog.  Oh, the good doctor is not above sleeping with a patient, been there, done that.  Intellectually, he knows that it’s wrong, completely unprofessional and unethical, and could destroy his career, but physically…well, let’s just say that his conscience is no match for his urges.

Madison is a sweet, innocent young woman who brings out Dixon’s protective side.  She is someone that he enjoys spending time with and trying to get to know better.  She makes him feel things that he hasn’t felt in a long time, making him almost believe that he could have something more meaningful in his life.  But Madison has secrets from her past that are preventing her from moving forward with her own life and relationships.

Although Juliet is able to satisfy his carnal urges without any attachment or relationship labels, Dixon finds that he is drawn to Madison and the potential that she brings into his life. 

Did I find myself shaking my head at my Kindle?  Did I want to give the characters a good shake and set them in the right direction?  Absolutely.  But if all of the characters in my books always did the right and honorable thing, where would the fun be in that?! 

Addicted to Sin is not a sweet, lovey-dovey, let’s drink lemonade while we swing on a porch swing kind of book.  It is provocative, racy, and it will make you love/hate the characters.  It is a fast paced book that kept my rapt attention from start to finish.   With a twist that left my heart pounding, I am more than ready to get my next fix in this addictive series.

*4 Stars