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Devils Unto Dust

By Emma Berquist

I love a zombie western, it is quickly becoming my favorite subgenre within the zombie world.  The western has taken a fabulous turn over the past few years, alright, a few decades if I go back to the Unforgiven.  The black and white Stetsons don’t mean what they used to, there is a shade of gray that seems to cover all of the characters.

Emma Berquist avoided the term zombie like the plague, in fact, I think it was around the forty percent mark before we even encountered a monster.  It was just Willie and the folks of Glory, Texas.  Wait, come to think of it, some of the residents of Glory were the real monsters.  Berquist embraced the concept that you can’t blame a zombie for doing what a zombie does, that’s just its nature.  The real monsters come forward with how they react to the dynamic.

I had a fantastic voyage with Willie, her brother, and their hunter escorts as she tracked down her father.  Willie is an endearing character, just trying to do her best with the hand that was dealt to her.  She carried the story from the beginning to the very end.

Without saying too much, I reached a point in the story where I was good – it could have been over and I would have fully respected the author for her bravery to go there.  But she didn’t.  I kept reading and thinking, just don’t ruin this great story.  Well, she did not!  Emma Berquist even brought a tear to my eye.

Devils Unto Dust is a solid debut novel from Emma Berquist, and I’m looking forward to many more books from her in the near future.

*4.5 Stars