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Deadlands: Ghostwalkers  is a lot of things.  It’s an alternate history western with a whole lot of action and adventure, mixed together with some undead here and there, and a splash of steampunk tossed in to add a little color.  What it is, is a book paradise for someone like me.

Often, I find that when a book tries to do too much, it fails; kind of a jack of all trades, master of none kind of scenario.  But Jonathan Maberry has pieced all of these parts together to create a masterfully presented story.  Deadlands: Ghostwalkers  had everything I could want in a story, as well as things I didn’t even think I needed.  It was a perfect combination of action, horror and comedy, complete with a cast of characters that made me want to get back to Paradise Falls.

I won’t get into the plot, you can get that from the synopsis.  The characters, they are what I loved the most.  Grey Torrance is what I want for a hero, he is strong and capable, but he has a haunted past.  He has his own personal demons that he needs to overcome in order to truly succeed.  Jenne Pearl is a fabulous heroine.  Not only is she able to take care of herself, she is also able to put our hero in his place when necessary.  Then there is our faithful sidekick, Thomas Looks Away.  What a name!  What a character!  This guy ratchets the story up tenfold.

This is one of those books that hits all of the marks.  I don’t do this very often, but this one goes above and beyond.

*7 Stars

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Deadlands:  Ghostwalkers

By Jonathan Maberry