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The world has been thrown into turmoil, humanity has been decimated.  A small group of survivors have created a place for themselves in the Appalachians.  When they are threatened by an overwhelming enemy, Leo Marrok’s story begins.

This story perked my interest because of a number of things, “blood-thirsty horde”, who doesn’t love a “blood-thirsty horde”?  I also enjoy a strong female heroine (a great contrast against tradition), and of course, the 18+ rating, oh come on now, we all want to be shocked and appalled by our books.

So how did the book work overall?  It was a good book with some great characters and a few surprises.  The story itself was very innovative, I was expecting one thing from the “blood-thirsty horde” and I got something completely different.  It took some time to readjust my expectations, but I continued the book and enjoyed it.

Another great part of the story is that it makes the reader wonder who the real villain is.  In any story of the apocalypse there are always threats and dangers.  We never know who they are and where they came from, but The Dead Days Journal really made you ask yourself, who is the real monster? (I have my own answer.)

Leo Marrok is a very well developed character, through the story she evolves and discovers her own strength.  I would have liked to have some further development of some of the other characters, especially Ben.

Overall, the story was entertaining.  There were a few places where I found that things moved a bit too quickly, but it didn’t take away from the flow of the story.  I, for one, will be looking forward to following Leo and Orrin’s story.

*4 Stars

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The Dead Days Journal

By Sandra R Campbell