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Daughters Unto Devils 

By Amy Lukavics

I put off reading this book for quite some time.  When I first saw Daughters Unto Devils I was immediately drawn to the cover, but then I saw that it was YA.  I had been going through a phase where every other horror book was YA, and they just weren’t up to the adult level of horror that I wanted.  So, I put Daughters Unto Devils on the back shelf.

I must say that I have learned my lesson.  I need to put my prejudices and preconceptions behind me.  It’s not about YA or adult horror, it’s about finding the right horror book for me.  Amy Lukavics has written a truly horrifying horror story.  It would be equally appealing to young adults as well as experienced adults, such as myself.

Amy Lukavics has painted the unromantic picture of life that was lived in the frontier.  It was a life of isolation, where things that we take for granted could become life or death situations.

Amanda Verner was a compelling, realistic character.  She had her troubles, she made her mistakes and she had her challenges to overcome.  I love it when the main character is haunted by their own demons.

Daughters Unto Devils is a story with a slow-paced development…but…wait…for…it.  When it hits the fan, Amy Lukavics kicks up the pace and won’t let you go.  This is one book that proves that YA can scare.

*4.5 Stars​