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This book had been on my radar for a long time. I had heard so many good things about it, but now I’m wondering what took me so long to read it! If you are looking for an all-encompassing romance that will give you those little butterflies in your stomach while you’re reading it…then look no further, this is the book for you!

Emily Cooper’s life was in a time of change. She was a recent university graduate who had just suffered the loss of her mother. She had a wonderful boyfriend who helped her greatly during her difficult time and now she was making the move to the Big Apple to be with him. Despite her boyfriend’s objections, Emily moves in with her best friend, Olivia. There is no love lost between Dillon and Olivia…their pet names for each other had me laughing out loud.

Emily takes a job as a waitress and soon comes face to face with Gavin Blake. Gavin is a young, handsome, rich businessman who is immediately drawn to Emily. Their attraction is definitely mutual, but Emily is already in a committed relationship with a man who has been nothing but helpful and supportive of her.

As Gavin and Emily’s paths continue to cross, their attraction to one another grows. As Dillon’s true colors start to show, Emily is having some doubts about where their relationship is headed. This book is a love triangle extraordinaire. There is so much sexual chemistry and tension built into this story that it will leave you breathless. It was so easy to get pulled into the character’s lives and experience all of their feelings with them.

This was a very well written novel that had a fast paced storyline and interesting characters. It gave me that slow burn of a romance that I was looking for and topped it up with a heaping dose of angst, drama, turmoil and lust. I am buying the next book in this series tonight!

* 5 Stars * 

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