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Coffin Riders By James W. Bodden

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James W. Bodden takes us on a wild ride through hell through the eyes of the protagonist, Bloom.  Bodden’s hell is comparable to a two star all-inclusive resort.

I was onboard with this original concept – let’s look at hell, what is it like?  The author has painted a very vivid picture of hell, complete with a beautiful beach covered in rotting corpses who are playing volleyball and soaking up the rays.

Bloom’s girlfriend, Lorraine, was supposed to follow him to hell…she did not (lesson for everyone – when your significant other suggests a suicide pact, don’t agree to go first).  The fact that Lorraine did not live up to her part of the bargain sends Bloom on a ride through the nine known levels of hell on a quest to exact his revenge.

While I will give the author full marks for effort, the execution was a bit lackluster.  I felt that there was so much more that could have been done.  The first level of hell was so well developed, with some amusing characters.  When Bloom set off on his voyage, the story could have used the same level of TLC through all of the levels.

James W. Bodden is an exceptionally creative storyteller, I just wished that he could have expanded his world to give a more complete picture.

*3.5 Stars​