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Class Three is an interesting look at the zombie apocalypse.  Two brothers, Jim and Philip Taylor set out on a quest to save their parents and Jim's ex, who had left Jim the night before it all hit the fan.

I was exceptionally impressed with this debut author, who has 

covered so many necessary elements to make a story entertaining and believable.

Jim has been drowning in work and has forgotten about what is truly important in life, his girlfriend, Sophie.  After she dumps him on their first date in over three years, he finds himself falling into a drunken stupor.  His brother, Philip, is the ultimate underachiever. He spends his days playing video games and preparing for the end of the world. While Philip is over-the-top eccentric, Jim is down to earth reasonable and some might even say dull.

Duncan P. Bradshaw has taken these two characters and has written a great story around them.  Class Three has the necessary comic points to keep it from getting too heavy and dark, while at the same time not afraid to go for some full fledged gore.

What I especially found fresh and innovated with Class Three were the changing perspectives.  Duncan went from the main characters, to the bad guys and even tossed in some zombie perspective; and he tied it all together nicely.

I for one will be looking for more from Duncan P. Bradshaw, I want to follow the continuing adventures of Jim and Phil.

4 Stars     

Class Three 

By Duncan P. Bradshaw