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Children of the Dark

By Jonathan Janz

Jonathan Janz has taken me on another roller coaster ride, this time I am seated beside Will Burgess, a troubled kid with a heart of gold.  Children of the Dark is a master class in how to write horror.

Having read Night Terrors, I had a pretty good ideal of what to expect from these monsters.  If you haven’t read Night Terrors, don’t worry about it, Children of the Dark is a prequel and can be completely enjoyed without any prior knowledge of the monsters that dwell in Peaceful Valley.

I loved being able to sink my teeth into a full length, meat and potatoes story that revolved around the dark, twisted world that sprung forth from the depths of Jonathan Janz’s mind.  Children of the Dark was exquisitely developed and paced perfectly, leading to a page-turning (or Kindle-tapping) extravaganza.

What really captivated me was the depth and time allocated to developing Will Burgess.  Jonathan Janz brought this character to life, he was the boy next door, or perhaps the one on the other side of the tracks.  Will’s family, friends and enemies all worked together to make Will Burgess a part of my life.  This is the skill of a truly great author.  Will Burgess was not simply a character I read about, he was a newfound friend.

I highly recommend Children of the Dark to anyone who loves horror and the direction that it’s headed in.  Jonathan Janz has claimed his place in the future of horror.

*4.5 Stars

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