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Once again, S. Ann Cole delivers a book that holds true to the title of her series. She wasn’t joking when she called it Loving All Wrong, but how can something that is so wrong be so right? I was introduced to Chadrick Niiveux in the prior books in this series, but I certainly didn’t know him. I knew that he was mysterious, quiet, business-like and enigmatic. In Chad’s Chase, we get to see what kind of man he truly is, what he does and what makes him tick.

This isn’t your typical romance book. Oh no, this isn’t a vanilla or cookie-cutter romance in any way, shape or form. Chad’s Chase takes you on a rollercoaster ride through the lives and relationship of Chad and Jhay. They are not your common couple. They don’t have your average jobs. They are cold, heartless assassins that have been raised and trained to hurt, maim and kill without even a blink of an eye.

Chad and Jhay have a history. They were close family friends from long ago, but their ties got severed when horrific acts took place that changed both of their lives forever. Chad had ripped Jhay’s heart out, turned her world upside down and took every last person that she loved away from her. She was now out to get her revenge, to take his life in return. Chad, being Chad, knows all about the assassin’s games. He knows what to watch out for, who to trust and he knows how to kill or be killed. Chad is not an easy target. Their mutual attraction makes this particular job much harder.

How do two people who are out for each other’s blood have a relationship? How can this train wreck possibly work out?

If I should be honest with myself, my enthusiasm for Chad’s assignment had not been because I so desperately wanted revenge, but because I so desperately wanted to see him again. Even if it was just to kiss him right before I blew his brains to kingdom come.

I won’t get into too many details about the book, I don’t want to spoil the fun. This is a wild, action packed, lust fest that will have your toes curling in anticipation. Don’t worry, it isn’t all dark and murderous…I laughed out loud several times throughout the novel. The writing is well done, the characters are fantastic and the story was intriguing. Oh, and I absolutely loved the Epilogue…the author killed it! ;)

*4 Stars*

Chad's Chase - By S. Ann Cole