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Bring Down the Stars
(Beautiful Hearts Duet #1)
By Emma Scott

​​She had me at “Not Your Typical Love Triangle.”  Angst, emotions galore, unrequited love?  Yes!  Shatter my heart, I can take it.  Emma Scott held true to her promise, this book is everything that she said it would be.  If you’re a reader who tends to run in the opposite direction of a love triangle, reconsider.  This book will pull you in with its beautiful story, endearing characters, and heartfelt prose. 

The characters in Bring Down the Stars truly stole my heart.  I loved the friendship between Connor and Weston.  I think that I was equally as smitten with their friendship as I was with the romance that was developing with Autumn.  They had such a special bond that went so much deeper than friendship.  They were more like brothers who got to choose each other.  Their personalities and backgrounds couldn’t have been more different, but they complemented each other.  Connor was easygoing, quick with a smile, and had an abundance of charm and magnetism.  Connor, on the other hand, was quiet, hardworking, studious, and not about to win any congeniality contests.    Both of them had their sights set on Autumn, but while Connor was open and upfront about his interest in her, Weston sat in the background and kept his own interest bottled up.   The only way he expressed his true feelings for her was through the romantic words that he penned to her on his best friend’s behalf.

Autumn was a hopeless romantic.  She wasn’t the type of girl to entertain a casual relationship – she wanted more.  She longed for a deeper, intense, cerebral connection that went beyond mere physical attraction.  She wanted sweet words and thoughtful exchanges.  When I think back to my own university days, those guys were few and far between.  Luckily for Autumn, she seemed to find the poetic nature that she was looking for…unfortunately (or fortunately – however you choose to look at it), they were someone else’s words.

I felt so torn while I was reading this book.  In most love triangles, I pick a side, my favorite character to win the girl’s heart.  Well, with this story, I was on the fence.  How do you pick between two great guys?  Autumn felt drawn to both men.  She was attracted to the light that surrounded Connor, and to the intellectual, brooding nature that was Weston.

“If the two of us were one person, we’d make her happy. I can help Connor make her happy.”

Bring Down the Stars had the intensity, the push and pull, and the tension that makes this trope so enticing.  It hooked my interest from the beginning and kept me fully invested in the characters’ lives.  It’s the first book in a duet, so, of course, it ends in a cliffhanger.  Not only am I a fan of fictional love triangles but I also enjoy a good cliffhanger that keeps me dangling over the edge in anticipation.  This book had both, which makes me a happy reader who is already looking forward to finding out how this story will end.

*4 Stars

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