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Boy meets girl.  Boy falls in love with girl.  She loves him back.  Everything is perfect.  The end. That would be a boring story. That is not a Tracey Ward story.  Oh, Kellen met Jenna, loved her, she loved him…but their love story could never be described as easy or perfect.  Brawler is told from Kellen’s point of view.  It is a raw and intense story about an emotionally damaged man, his friendship and love for a woman, and his journey to find happiness and peace.

Kellen and Jenna started out as friends.  Above all else, they had a mutual fondness and acceptance for one another.  Being together just felt natural and right.  Their friendship grew over the years and they began to develop deeper feelings for one another.  Sounds simple enough, but there was absolutely nothing simple about it. 

Brawler is a messy love story that is filled with tension and angst.  It has a love triangle that will make you cringe while it breaks your heart.  Tracey Ward has created characters that are likeable and real.  You might not always agree with the decisions that they make, you might want to scream at them, and it might hurt, but that’s what makes it so good. There is also a lot of great dialogue and witty banter.  I just had to mention Callum – I loved him!  He was the perfect balance to Kellen’s serious nature.

*4.5 Stars*
Brawler – By Tracey Ward