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When you read a lot of post-apocalyptic books, you are always on the lookout for that book that brings a little something different to the end of the world. Bones does exactly that. Bones is the main character and point of view for this triple post-apocalyptic book….and oh yeah, he is also a police cadaver dog. That’s right, the end of the world is from man’s best friend’s point of view!

I have to give props to Mark Wheaton for coming up with this concept in the first place…Who comes up with these things? The story itself was well done, there are three semi-interconnected apocalypses and Bones plays an integral part in each one. Mark Wheaton did an excellent job of describing everything from the dog’s perspective. I guess you could say that he unleashed his inner dog.

The book was paced out very well with the three parts. Certain sections would just start to get a little old (ie: The dog jumps and snaps the spinal cord at the neck) and then he would move on to the next part. Part one was the weakest of the three, but he made up for it with parts two and three. In the later sections there were some excellent, strongly developed characters, and as a reader I could develop a connection to them.

Bones is a great book if you’re feeling a little OZ’ed (over zombied) and want a different perspective on the whole thing, but it is a bit of a niche book. Overall, I did enjoy the story and the characters.

3.5 Stars

Bones:  The Apocalypse Saga

By Mark Wheaton