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Bone White

By Ronald Malfi

This is my second experience into the wonderful imagination of Ronald Malfi, and I have come to the conclusion that he is not human.  Ronald Malfi is some kind of demonic artist of words.  He can reach deep inside of you, grab hold of your soul and twist it to shreds.  He writes a pretty good book too!

I was completely sucked into this world of Malfi’s creation; the way he writes separated me from my own reality.

“You didn’t arrive in Dread’s Hand, he realized, but rather Dread’s Hand came at you piecemeal, a bit of itself at a time, like someone reluctant to make your acquaintance.  Even the peeling wooden sign hammered into a mound of dirt welcoming travelers to the town seemed more like an admonition than a salutation.  The r in “Dread” was missing, which made him think of all those crosses along the road on the drive in.”

I was no longer on my comfortable sofa with the A/C running in the background to cut through the summer humidity; I was bundled up, driving along a desolate road to the ass-end of the earth.  Oh yeah, Ronald Malfi has teleportation powers too.

I appreciate that Bone White steered clear of your typical horror monsters.  Vampires in Alaska have been done already.  Instead, Malfi plays with your mind, who is the real monster?  Can folklore be more than just folklore?  Who is watching the evil lurking in my back yard?

I’ve had two incredible new releases from Ronald Malfi in the past two years; good-sized, full-length books; no series, just full, complete stories.  My only hope is that he can keep up this pace…I know that I’ll keep reading them.

*5 Stars

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