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I was looking for that certain something after reading Fifty Shades of Grey and I happened upon this little gem. I had never read anything by this author before so I was interested in finding out what her writing was like. I was anxious to find a new series to put me in that happy reading trance…and this one did not disappoint.

Although there were some comparisons to Fifty Shades, such as the gorgeous tormented millionaire/mogul with some strong sexual preferences. I really didn’t find that it had that much in common with the series. The book starts out with Eva Tramell moving to Manhattan and getting ready to start her new job. She is living in a pretty swanky apartment, thanks to her mother and step-father. She moved from San Francisco with her best friend Cary, who just happens to be a gorgeous male model (lucky girl). She is in awe of the big city and upon checking out her new office building, she meets Gideon Cross.

Gideon Cross is the owner of the building and Crossfire Industries. He is dark haired, blue eyed, and alpha-male to the extreme. He is instantly attracted to Eva and not too long after they meet he has a proposition for her. Eva is well aware of Gideon’s good looks, but she knows that she should stay away from the likes of him. She often refers to him as “Dark and Dangerous”.

Eva’s childhood was not a happy one. Something happened to her in her young life that has damaged her to some degree. It is her personal trauma that led her to her best friend – he too suffers from a tormented past and they have bonded because of it. They aren’t the only one’s trying to recover from a past filled with pain. Gideon has secrets of his own that lend to his hardened exterior and his dominant personality.

Eva and Gideon soon find themselves involved with each other, but with two people with damaged pasts, nothing is easy. Insecurities rise, jealousy flares, and relationships teeter on the edge of disaster. The chemistry and passion between the two characters is hot, hot, hot! This was a very good start to a very interesting series. There is so much more to this book than just the sex. The story is so good and engaging that it had me glued to the book!

5 Stars

Bared to You: A Crossfire Novel 
By Sylvia Day