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Awakening 3 (The Lilly Frank Series)
  By Jeanie Grey

It has been fifty years since Lilly walked away from Torren. Lilly has spent those years touring the world and trying to suffocate her feelings from that horrible day, a day that not only left her body battered, but also her heart.

Lilly has returned to Italy in an attempt to move on from the tragedy that has been consuming her. With the help of her friends, she tries to face her fears and her feelings. When Lilly finally works up her nerve to find Torren, she is saddened to see that he is still with Vittoria. Despite her jealousy, Lilly is more shocked to discover that Torren doesn’t even remember her. Torren does still feel the bond and attraction between him and Lilly, but with his current relationship and his lack of any real memories of Lilly…what will become of this trio?

Lilly’s love life isn’t the only thing that is in turmoil, the vampire community is in a state of upheaval. The Organization that Beth works for is trying to find a peaceful solution to the impending threat of a civil war. The Vampire Pact is up for renegotiating and the vampire community is split on whether or not they want to keep the Pact as is or change one very important aspect that could have a devastating effect on the vampire/human population.

Awakening 3 is a fast paced, well written novel that provides the reader with drama, intrigue, romance and angst (love triangle). It tied up all of the loose strings and left me satisfied with how the story and series ended. I am looking forward to reading more books by Jeanie Grey in the future.

*4 Stars*