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All Lilly wanted was to become a vampire and escape the constant fear that she was in. In her mind, being a vampire gave her strength, power and immortality. The transformation from human to vampire has not been an easy one for Lilly. She is in excruciating pain most of the time and is having a difficult time getting used to her body. Her skin is highly sensitized and her senses are sharpened, almost to the point where it’s driving her mad.

All Torren wanted was to have a companion. He was tired of the loneliness that engulfed his life, he was anxious to start this new life with Lilly. Torren was deeply saddened by how Lilly’s transformation was affecting her. He couldn’t bear the fact that he was the one to cause her all of this pain. He wants nothing more than to have Lilly love him, need him and want to be with him, but with all of the pain that she’s in, she doesn’t want him anywhere near her most of the time.

When word gets out that vampires are being slaughtered, the vampires are on alert. This shocks the vampire community, especially Lilly. Lilly’s hopes and dreams of living in safety come shattering down around her as she discovers that she could still be in danger of someone trying to kill her.  Who is killing the vampires?  What is the motive behind it?  Who is the next target?  The action and suspense has been turned up and it takes on a whole new level of intensity with the brutality and gruesomeness of the killings. 

Jeanie Grey has followed up her first book with another fast-paced, action packed novel. Even though the books in this series are novella length, you are able to connect with the characters and get a real sense of what they are all about. Lilly and Torren’s relationship suffers a devastating blow that will leave you “one-clicking” book three.

*4.5 Stars*

Awakening 2 (The Lilly Frank Series)
  By Jeanie Grey