What happens when the monsters that we fear as children turn out to be kinder than the people that we know?

Lilly has always been a pawn in other people’s games and their struggles for power. Being raised in an affluent family in one of the world’s largest cities, Lilly grew up surrounded by important and powerful men. Her father was one of them. Lilly never had the closest relationship with her father, she always felt like he resented her for the fact that her mother didn’t dote on him the way she once did. She had a child to shower with affection now.

With the savage murder of her dear mother, and the killer being set free, Lilly was in constant fear and sadness. With the help of one of her friends, she was brought out of her dark depression and forced to rejoin society and the living. Her life was forever altered with the death of her mother, she always felt that her mother was the only person to have ever truly loved her. She felt alone.

The night that Lilly literally falls for Torren, she is both frightened and captivated by him. He is gorgeous, mysterious and very attentive to her. She is in a relationship and she shouldn’t feel anything towards this stranger, but she does. It isn’t like her current relationship is exciting and spontaneous – even their sex life is dull and predictable.

As Torren and Lilly spend more and more time together, there is a definite attraction and sexual chemistry between them. He is different from the other men that she has encountered and she is very curious to find out more about him. Torren is a victim of loneliness as well. He longs to have companionship in his life once again and will do anything to get it.

Awakening is a fast paced, well written book that engages the reader right from the very beginning. It has an intriguing story that takes some shocking twists and turns that will leave you wanting more (and luckily, there is a second and third book in this series)! Awakenings demonstrates to the reader… that sometimes it’s the humans in your life that are the real monsters.

*4.5 Stars * 

Awakening 1 (The Lilly Frank Series)
  By Jeanie Grey

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