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Ash is the story of Asher Benson, a U.S. army veteran who served in Iraq. After suffering major head trauma and losing his entire team, Ash is sent back to the States on a military disability pension. To say that Ash suffers from PTSD is like saying that Pooh Bear kind of likes honey. But this is not your normal PTSD, Ash can barely function, the only thing that helps him is copious amounts of alcohol.

This story is filled with non-stop action. Asher Benson’s “problem” brings government agencies to his doorstep and puts him and his friend’s lives at risk. Jason Brant has a knack for creating a great fast paced story with some “interesting” characters. These characters provide balanced humor with the tension and action of the story.

Many of my favorite books are ones like Ash, where from what I can tell, the author had as much fun writing the book as I did reading it. The second book in the series, Blaze, is due out later this year and will definitely be going on my TBR!

4.5 Stars

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Ash – By Jason Brant