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​Being a fan of forbidden love stories, I was more than a little eager to start reading this one.  21 Stolen Kisses ended up being even more than what I was hoping for!  This is a beautifully written story that captured every emotion, every feeling between the characters, and had romance oozing off every page.

Kennedy is a seventeen girl who has witnessed love’s destruction.  It has ended marriages (including her parent’s), friendships, and has put her in a very difficult position – in love with an older man who is off limits.  Despite all of this, she still grasps on to the hope and potential of true love.

Noah not only works with Kennedy’s mother, but they are also close friends.  This is what originally brought Noah into Kennedy’s life.  They didn’t intend on falling in love.  Kennedy had been crushing on him for years, but never really imagined that he would fall just as hard as her.  Noah is only twenty-five years old, so the age difference, although it is still eight years, wasn’t really all that creepy to me.  They were both very conscious of their age difference, and were waiting to take their relationship to the next level.  Noah’s feelings for Kennedy are so sincere and genuine that you couldn’t help but want them to be together. 

Kennedy’s problems don’t stop with her hidden relationship with Noah.  She has a love/hate relationship with her mother that takes a toll on her throughout the book.  She has had to lie and conceal her mother’s indiscretions for years – being an accomplice to her mother’s deceit and betrayals.  Kennedy has been harboring this guilt, shame, anger and resentment.  Kennedy’s pain was palpable and completely heartbreaking.

The author did a fantastic job of creating the slow burn between Noah and Kennedy.  This is one of the most passionate, intense, intimate books that I have read this year – and it doesn’t have much sexual/explicit content.  It didn’t need it.  The style in which it was written, the chemistry between the characters, and the feelings that were expressed, made this book absolutely perfect.

21 Stolen Kisses is an exquisite, unique story that made my heart beat a little bit faster.  I could go on and on about all of the things that just hit the mark for me with this book, but it should be read and experienced individually to get the whole experience.  This book will be making my list of top books for 2015! 

*5 Stars* 


21 Stolen Kisses
 By Lauren Blakely