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100 Fathoms Below

By Steven L. Kent & Nicholas Kaufmann

The Hunt for Red October meets 30 Days of Night.  There is something terrifying about being trapped in a canister so far below the surface of the ocean that the pressure alone would crush your body.  Kent and Kaufmann selected an ideal environment for their tale.

The magic of 100 Fathoms Below was the authors’ description of the internal workings and life aboard an ‘80s era submarine.  Combining the descriptions with my memory of The Hunt for Red October, the entire story came alive in my mind – I even had Scott Glenn playing the role of Captain Weber.  With this scene set, the rest fell into place.  I found myself embedded within the story.

The story was definitely unique, a combination of horror and political intrigue.  Personally, I found the horror aspect to be far stronger than the political intrigue portion, then again, that’s really what I wanted from this story.  Kent and Kaufmann kept the story tight around the cast, the crew of the Roanoke, and the events on the vessel.  The mission became an unimportant afterthought.

If you are in the mood for a well-developed, suspenseful horror, 100 Fathoms Below would be a great choice.  It packs a punch with vividly descriptive scenes and a completely new twist on an old style horror story.

*4 Stars