The Someday Girl
(The Girl Duet #2)
By Julie Johnson

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Whenever I’m about to read the final book in a duet or series, I’m filled with a mixture of anticipation and apprehension.  How is the author going to conclude the story?  Will it be everything that I was hoping for?  Well, I can honestly say that Julie Johnson did not disappoint, in fact, she went above and beyond.  She went places with this book that I never expected her to take me.  She continued to put my emotions through the wringer and make me  feel  this story in the best possible way.  Oh, and she still managed to completely shock me and leave me in a puddle of my own tears.  Respect. 

Kat Firestone has finally found fame and fortune.  Co-starring in a highly anticipated movie alongside of the already popular and swoon-worthy Grayson Dunn has catapulted her from an unknown to being on everyone’s radar.  With press junkets and the movie’s premiere looming, it is going to be impossible for her to avoid the two men who have infiltrated her life and her heart.  To the outside world, Kat Firestone’s life may seem like a dream come true, but Kat’s life is far from uncomplicated, and the road ahead of her is a bumpy one.

This duet is so much more than just a romance.  This is Kat’s journey every step of the way.  I loved Kat from the first moment I was introduced to her in  The Monday Girl.  She’s jaded, she struggles, she’s made bad decisions, she’s hard on herself, she wants to be loved, and she’s lived through heartbreak.  Kat could be any young woman, maybe you can see a bit of yourself in her.  I wanted nothing more than for Kat to believe in herself and to see that she is deserving of a good life, one that is filled with love and happiness.  But in order to find love and happiness, Kat had to first learn to love herself.

Now, for the romance…it was so damn good!  In any love triangle, readers are going to have their preference of which character they want the protagonist to end up with.  I certainly had mine.  I had my mind made up in  The Monday Girl, but this was Kat’s story and it was not an easy, sweet love story.  This, my friends, was an angst junkie’s paradise!

Julie Johnson didn’t sugar coat the story.  It was raw, real, and brimming with emotion.  I was riveted to the pages of this book.  It was as though I was living through every moment with the characters.  I felt it all.  My heart plummeted into the pit of my stomach, it broke, healed, and then it soared. 

The author has created characters that I cared about, and not just the main characters, her secondary characters are incredibly well done.  I was just as invested in them as I was in the main characters.  I adored Harper and Masters.  They had Kat’s back in more ways than one, and just added a whole new level to the story.

The Someday Girl  wrapped up this duet beautifully.  I thoroughly enjoyed every moment that I spent witnessing the growth and evolution of Katharine Firestone.  I laughed with her, cried with her, swooned with her, and fell madly in love right beside her. 

Julie Johnson has written an emotional, heart-pounding, witty, romantic story that will not soon be forgotten. 

*5 Stars