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This was a fun little trip back into the world created by Rich Hawkins’ twisted, demented imagination.  It always amazes me, the concoctions that some literary artists can conjure up.

While The Plague Winter is set in the same world as The Last Plague, a reader could easily jump into this world with this short story, or is it a novella?  I don’t know, it’s under a hundred pages and packed with an incredible punch.

The Plague Winter has a small cast of characters.  Eddie, a chronic alcoholic, and his grandson, Sam.  The small cast allows us to quickly connect with Eddie.  He is a tormented soul, just trying to do the right thing, while at the same time, keeping his grandson alive in this hostile world.

When it comes right down to it, The Plague Winter is a scruples book, when the world goes to hell, what comes first, family or your own humanity?  This is a question not easily answered, or is it?

Rich Hawkins has packed all of this together in a perfect little package.  It is dark and gloomy and real.  Rich Hawkins has the makings to be a staple in my reading library.

*4.5 Stars​

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The Plague Winter By Rich Hawkins