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Blind Love is the third book in the Sulfur Heights Series. The first two books (Scarred Love and Tragic Love) should be read before beginning this one so that you get the full impact of the story and the characters. Trust me, you will not be disappointed, this series is magnetic!!

I believe that a good novel is one that makes you care about the characters, whether you love them or hate them…if you feel something for them then I think that the author has succeeded. In this case, M.S. Brannon has definitely found success!!! I think that she has done an excellent job creating the characters in her books. I cared about them, wanted to see them happy, rooted for them, cried with them, got angry with them… well, you get the picture. I love the Evans family.

This book focusses primarily on Jake Evans. His life revolves around hustling, fighting, drinking and womanizing. He is cocky, reckless and sexy as hell (and he knows it). He likes the way his life is, it works for him. Growing up in the slums of Sulfur Heights, he has always been surrounded by crime, drugs, and fights. He doesn’t necessarily like living in this cesspool of a city, but it’s what he knows…its home.

When Delilah St. James moved to Sulfur Heights for a summer internship, Jake saw a beautiful rich girl that he wanted to challenge at every turn and eventually bed. Delilah lives a privileged life, she fits the ideal of the “southern belle”. Raised in an affluent family in Memphis, she was molded into being the perfect lady, daughter, and future wife for a man of equal or higher social status.

Delilah never frowned upon people who were not in the same social circles as her. She was a kind person who would befriend anyone. She had been best friends with Presley since they were six years old and Presley was only from a middle class family (as Delilah’s mother liked to point out).

You couldn’t find two more different people than Jake and Delilah. Although they liked to argue and they often rubbed each other the wrong way, they developed an unlikely friendship that they both ended up valuing a great deal. Delilah had a way of making Jake open up about things. They talked, hung out and went on adventures. Jake saw a side of Delilah that was “real” – not the socialite or pageant queen, but the “real Delilah” - that she kept hidden from her family.

This book is somewhat of a re-telling of parts of the second book, Tragic Love, but it is dealing more specifically with the relationship between Jake and Delilah. It doesn’t feel repetitive at all. It is told from their perspectives and gives the reader an insight into how they were feeling during certain events in the story.

During the course of two years, Delilah and Jake’s friendship flourishes. They talk or text practically every day and miss seeing each other. When tragedy strikes, Delilah returns to Sulfur Heights. Jake and Delilah grow closer and they develop stronger feelings for one another. Delilah knows that she can’t let these feelings for Jake surface. She is engaged to her long- time boyfriend and her life is basically mapped out for her. She can’t disappoint her family by not marrying him, this is what she was born to do…to be the perfect wife.

I won’t go into too much more detail. Read this book, you won’t be able to put it down. I enjoyed Jake and Delilah’s story. Their story takes you on a wild ride of emotions that will have your heart racing. I am looking forward to reading more about the Evans family. My suitcase is out and ready for my return trip to Sulfur Heights!!!

5 Stars

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Blind Love – By M.S. Brannon