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This is the first book in the Sulfur Heights Series. I found myself interested in this book right from the start! There is a lot of emotion in this story that will have you feeling right along with the characters.

Darcie is a girl that has had a tough life. Her mother was a drinker and a pill popper who liked to be numb. Her step-father was another story. He was a violent and abusive man. They lived in an affluent area in Sulfur Heights – her step-father, Robert, was a successful businessman. When Darcie’s mother overdosed one day, things went from bad to worse. Darcie experienced horrendous abuse at the hands of Robert. She was whipped, burned, hit, and finally tied up in an abandoned house where she knew that she would meet her end.

Reggie Evans is a former fighter. His life took a turn when his mother died and he had to come back to his hometown to take care of his brothers. He is a good man. He is responsible and is devoted to his family. When he is going for a jog one night, he hears a scream. He goes up to the dilapidated house and enters it, only to find Darcie – blindfolded and tied to a bed. He gets her out of the house and takes her home. She ends up living with the Evans family and going to school again. She likes the normalcy of the rowdy bunch of guys that she now lives with. She is still plagued with thoughts of her step-father, but Reggie is always there to help her get through them.

She is a tough girl, a hardened girl. She has a potty mouth and she isn’t afraid of stepping on anyone’s toes. She meets a quiet timid girl, named Presley, at school and they become friends. Presley ends up hanging around Darcie a lot, despite their differences. Presley especially gets along with Drake, the youngest of the Evans boys.

Darcie and Reggie have always been close. He saved her from her own Hell and she has always looked up to him. He has always been able to chase away the demons that her step-father has left her with. Darcie and Reggie’s feelings develop into something deeper. They fight their true feelings for one another. Reggie is nine years older than Darcie and he is all about trying to do what’s right (despite his growing love for Darcie).

I don’t want to give too much of the story away. There is a lot that happens in this book. It will leave you on the edge of your seat and keep you turning the pages! Ultimately, this story makes you believe that it is possible to overcome tragedy. It shows you that you don’t have to have a conventional family to be a family. The characters in this book will draw you in. I liked how it was told from the different character’s perspectives. You will fall in love with the Evans family. I will definitely be reading more from this author in the future.

5 Stars

Scarred Love – By M.S. Brannon