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Asher's War – By Jason Brant

Jason Brant has made us wait for the third book in the Asher Benson series.  And if you’re going to pull a George R.R. Martin and make your fans wait this long for a book, it damn well better be worth it.  Well, Jason Brant has pulled it off.  Asher’s War has to be the best in the series…so far.

Every author has their strength.  Jason Brant writes dialogue like it’s nobody’s business.  The banter between Asher, Nami and Andrew has to be some of the best ever written.  He could write a story about the three of them talking in a bar, and I would be there.  The dialogue makes the story.

Then, there is Asher Benson.  He is the most egotistical, caring, self-loathing, bada$$, selfless, drunken tragic hero ever created.  He mixes together perfectly with the supporting cast while doing things his way.  The characters are intricately created, they are beyond real, yet at the same time they feel a bit like family.  Not the kind of family you would actually introduce people to, but the ones you lock away and bring out when the Hatfields want to visit.

Now, I haven’t said much about the story, and I won’t.  Either you’ve read books one and two and I’m not spoiling anything, or you’re looking at the series for the first time and anything I say about book three will ruin your experience when you read Ash.

Asher’s War is the perfect next step in the Asher Benson series, it is a fun-filled book that keeps the tension high.  Jason Brant has closed some doors and opened others.  Here’s hoping we see Ash again soon.

*5 Stars

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