(Thoughtless Series)
By S.C. Stephens

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Griffin finally has his book…and he would definitely think that it’s about time.  Being the bassist for one of the top bands in the world has left Griffin wanting more – more of the spotlight, more attention, more him.  He has never lacked in confidence, swagger, or general awesomeness.  He truly believes that the band, his fans, and the world needs more Griffin.  He has never been one to shy away from attention, he craves it, thrives in it.  After all, Griffin Hancock was meant to be a star.

Having been a huge fan of the Thoughtless Series, I have always enjoyed reading about Griffin.  He is larger than life, obscene, crude, and cocky (I’m sure he would have something dirty to add to the cocky part), but he has always added the comic element to these books.  It’s his over the top personality and ego that adds to his character.  I just love his unfiltered comments.  They never fail to make me laugh out loud.

Despite reaching the epitome of fame and success, it all just seems to fall short for Griffin.  He wants to have a bigger role in the band, but his bandmates thwart all of his efforts to showcase himself.  He feels like they’re holding him back from being all that he can be, and everything that he deserves to be. 

Griffin makes a huge decision that could impact his career and family.  But as usual, Griffin only cares about what’s best for Griffin.  Oh, don’t get me wrong, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that he adores his wife and children.  He is just an impulsive, jump first, think later kind of guy.  He never takes the time needed to consider how his actions could affect those around him. 

When Griffin’s new career choices don’t seem to be panning out, he ends up trying to cover up his failure by lying and keeping secrets from Anna.  Anna has been nothing but supportive and understanding throughout all of this upheaval, but even she is beginning to have her doubts and worries about where their life is heading.

In Untamed, the reader gets to really know Griffin.  We get to witness everything from his perspective.  From his stardom, his family, his failures, his fall, and his climb, we get to see him evolve from an immature egomaniac to a more sensitive, humble, vulnerable, hardworking man.  Don’t worry, the old Griffin is never too far away with an obscenity or two, and a junk grab. 

Once again, S.C. Stephens has written a book that pulls the reader into the story.  Untamed is filled with humor, steam, emotion, and heart.  Griffin’s journey is one of personal growth and maturity and it made me like his character that much more. 

I really enjoyed getting reacquainted with my favorite fictional band. Although I love all of the members of the D-Bags, I must admit that I am still a Kellan fan at heart…and yes, Griffin would hate knowing that.

​*4.5 Stars