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I love a book that looks at what would happen when the $#it hits the fan.  Usually these books are about zombies, mysterious infections or over the top natural disasters.  Tomorrow War goes well beyond any of those unlikely scenarios, the cause of this “apocalypse” is completely man-made and well within our current technological capabilities.  Tomorrow War is scarier because this could actually happen.

J.L. Bourne has paid meticulous attention to details.  Our hero, Max, is so well prepared for the end of the world as we know it; it makes the best prepared preppers look like amateurs.  What I normally love about a post-apocalyptic book, is thinking to myself:  What would I do?  Could I survive?  The simple answer in Max’s world is “NO!”

Max is an incredibly well developed character.  We meet Max early on in his training.  It is evident from the start that Max has “it” -  the skills that are required for the special ops jobs that his country has planned for him.  His training creates the Max who can survive in this new dangerous world.  But Max is more than just a survivor, he is a man unwilling to give up his principles; just because things have gotten dangerous, doesn’t mean that a person’s basic rights have changed.  These are rights that others have fought and died for and Max is willing to make this same sacrifice.

Tomorrow War is an intense portrayal of what could happen, what we could become.  J.L. Bourne has done a fantastic job of telling this gripping story that kept me on the edge of my seat with my chest clenched.  One thing that I do know for certain; if things ever do get that bad, Tomorrow War will no longer be a fictional story, but my personal survival guide.

*5 Stars

Tomorrow War By J.L. Bourne