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High Octane Damnation is a supercharged, soul-sucking ride to vengeance with a pit stop in drunken debauchery.  Brett Williams has taken an Old Testament approach to dealing with pain and loss.

Packed into this quick read (I actually read it in one sitting) is our…um…hero, James McGuire.  James is a good man, sure he got into a bit of trouble when he was younger, but then again, who didn’t do a few stupid things in their youth?  But James has suffered an unimaginable loss.  He’s an imperfect hero bearing a cross, you know I can’t resist that kind of story.  Brett Williams did such an intricate job of revealing James’ character.  I wanted him to do the right thing, I wanted him to make the right decisions, but what kind of story would we have then?

High Octane Damnation shows us the road to hell that pain and loss can lead us down.  Brett Williams put together an unstoppable story that I just had to keep reading.  The cast was perfectly balanced between sympathetic and loathsome.  Sometimes life just isn’t fair.  Deal with it!

High Octane Damnation is a perfect little diversion.  I needed something fast and hard, and I got it.  I’m looking forward to seeing more of what this author has to offer.

*4 Stars

High Octane Damnation

 By Brett Williams

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