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Four Letter Word 
(Dirty Deeds)
By J. Daniels

Reeling from the unexpected news that her husband wants to end their marriage, Sydney packs up and heads to the beach house of her best friend, Tori.  Sydney isn’t the only one nursing a broken heart, Tori recently found out that her boyfriend is also a husband and father.  With her emotions in an uproar, Sydney decides to unleash all of her pain and anger in a phone call to Tori’s deceitful ex.  She has her girl’s back.  Little does she know, however, that her vicious tirade is being wasted on the wrong guy.  Oh, and she lets him have it!  Luckily, the stranger on the other end of the line is rather amused by her explicit language.  When he finally convinces her that she has the wrong number, well, needless to say, Sydney is mortified.

While I could certainly understand how Sydney would be incredibly embarrassed by her colorful rant to a complete stranger, as a reader, I was completely and thoroughly entertained by it.  What a unique way to introduce the characters to each other.  But when Sydney receives a text message the next day from this good-natured stranger, she is more than a little intrigued and interested in texting him back.

As they continue to communicate with each other, they both seem to enjoy the diversion that it offers in their lives, looking forward to the kind words and banter between them.  Communicating with Brian has eased Sydney out of the doldrums of her break-up, and communicating with Sydney has brought a ray of sunshine back into Brian’s bleak existence.

The relationship that develops between Sydney and Brian is nothing short of smoldering.  Even before they get to meet face to face, their interactions and chemistry is intense.  I was eagerly waiting for the moment when they would get to meet in person and finally see who they had been conversing with.  Thank goodness for fiction.  If this was a true story, you know that one of them would’ve probably been an 85 year old married man who liked to dress up like a clown!  Love connection over.

Four Letter Word is not without its share of drama and turmoil.  Brian is keeping secrets from Sydney.  These secrets have the potential to make any good, love drunk lady run for the hills.  But even though Brian is hiding things from Sydney, I couldn’t help but still love him.  He is a good and kind-hearted man who doesn’t deserve the guilt and pain that he’s putting himself through.

Four Letter Word is a well-rounded romance that is filled with emotion, humor, and plenty of heat. J. Daniels has not only created great main characters, she has also done a fantastic job with the supporting characters.  Since this is the first book in the Dirty Deeds series, I am looking very forward to getting to know some of the other characters a bit better.  The scene has definitely been set for more captivating romances in the upcoming books.

*4.5 Stars

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