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 This was definitely an entertaining book! I enjoyed the story and found myself laughing out loud right from page one! This book seemed even lighter than Welcome to Sugartown, which I also loved (see my review). You really should read the first book before diving into this one because the story does pick up right where the other one left off. It will give you a better understanding and appreciation for the characters…and oh boy, are they some crazy characters!

This book is about Holly Harris and Jackson Rowe. These two have known each other for years and have been attracted to each other for just as long. Their sexual chemistry is off the charts! Holly Harris is a feisty little redhead who has a very healthy sexual appetite. Jackson Rowe is a tall gorgeous hunk of a man who definitely shares her appetite for all things sex-related. They have been bickering and getting under each other’s skin for years…in more ways than one! ;) Things have gotten a lot more heated between the two of them now that they are sharing a house (with Ana and Elijah) and Holly is pregnant and hormonal.

Despite the fact that Holly is pregnant with another man’s baby, Jackson finds her irresistible and tries to get her in bed, on the counter, on the couch…any time the opportunity arises (yes, pun intended)! They both like to say that they are just “having some fun”, but they are developing deeper feelings for one another and are too pig headed to admit it. They have a unique relationship that is not without its share of frustrations. When it comes down to it, Jackson is there for Holly and tries to help her any way that he can. It’s plain to see how crazy they are for each other and just how perfectly they fit together.

Nothing is easy for Holly and Jackson and they experience situations that put their “relationship” on the line…an accident, an ex- fiancée, the baby Daddy, etc. You will just have to read it yourself to find out. This book had me bursting out laughing so many times. Carmen Jenner sure does have a way with words (she can be pretty naughty)! I had to stop reading on quite a few occasions so that I could read parts of the book to my husband! I loved the banter and I loved the characters, right down to Pep, the sexy Santa Claus trucker!

If you’re looking for a fun book with some colorful characters, then get off your “arse” and pick this book up! If you read this book then you know why I said that! I will be anxiously awaiting my return trip to Sugartown.

4.5 Stars

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Enjoy Your Stay (Sugartown #2) 
By Carmen Jenner