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Black Canyon By Jeremy Bates

This is exactly how a horror short story was meant to be done!  In only seventy pages, Jeremy Bates has lured me into the lives of his characters, and then clubbed me over the head with the vile monster that he has created.

Kept simple with only three characters, Brian Garrett and his parents, these are the only characters that I need to know.  Jeremy Bates introduces his readers to this small family, and as the story progresses we learn more about the dysfunctional nature of this family.  It was easy to get acquainted with them and see small (very small) pieces of everyday life in their little family vacation.

The story is paced very well as I found myself in the mind of a twelve year old boy.  That point where a child starts his eternal journey to become a man.  Brian is still innocent in many ways, I think that everyone can relate to that feeling, pretending to know what the adults are talking about, while in reality, you don’t have a sweet clue.  As a reader, this truly helped me identify with Brian Garrett.

What happens?  I won’t say, but it is well worth the time, and I found Black Canyon to be a fantastic introduction to Jeremy Bates’ work.

*5 Stars​

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