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This book is unlike anything I have ever read before in my life. In this story the Greek Gods are alive and well, except for Zeus, he’s dead (see title). With the King of the Gods out of the way, the remaining Olympians reveal themselves to the 21st century.

Zeus Is Dead is filled with great wit and humor (some of it a bit on the geeky side). It revolves around Zeus’ daughter Tracy and her heroic quest to avenge her father’s death. Tracy undertakes this quest with the help of Apollo, Thalia (one of the muses) and Tracy’s love interest, Leif (although the interest only goes one way and that’s with the “help” of Aphrodite). Together they battle monsters, Gods and razor wings (poison spitting, bat-winged, deadly tiny white kittens).

I loved how the author kept the Gods true to their mythological form. They are not characters so much as caricatures, each one with a personality that is over the top. Michael Munz knows his Greek Gods and has delivered an entertaining book that reminds me of a Mel Brooks movie, there is so much going on that you have to pay attention so you don’t miss something.

As someone who has read his fair share of Homer and Aristophanes, I really appreciate how Michael Munz has brought some new life to these characters. At the same time, Zeus Is Dead would be a great way for the uninitiated to be introduced to the Pantheon.

*4 Stars

Zeus is Dead – By Michael G. Munz