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I think that as a reader it is fun to go outside of your comfort zone, read something that I would normally toss aside, or write off as “chick lit”.  There was something about With Visions of Red that caught my interest.

There is a saying that my wife has, “no two people read the same book”.  The With Visions of Red that I read was an incredibly fast paced serial killer/detective book with a touch of BDSM.  It had a great storyline and some fabulously developed characters for a book of its size.

Sadie Bonds is exactly the type of protagonist that I look for in a book.  She has a dark side, internal demons from her past that complicate her life.  Sadie struggles to reconcile her past with her present, this really helps to pull the reader into the story.

Colton Reed is still a bit of a mystery.  He has an undeniable connection to Sadie and is wrapped up in this story, leaving the reader wanting to know more.  How is Colton connected to all of this?  What happened in his past to make him the tortured soul that he is?

I have to say that I truly enjoyed With Visions of Red.  Trisha Wolfe has done her homework and created a very real and tangible aspect to a world that is completely foreign to me.  I am looking forward to reading more about Sadie’s story.​

​*4 Stars

With Visions of Red By Trisha Wolfe