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Wings to Redemption

By Paul H. Landes

Wings to Redemption is the story of Alex Boudreau, a brilliant corporate cyber-spy.  The story revolves around her torment when faced with deciding between her professional obligations and love.

The book is about corporate intrigue, espionage, and conspiracies.  I thought that it could be in my wheelhouse, unfortunately that was not the case.  While Wings to Redemption was a well thought out book; it had an elaborate plot and was well written, I was just never pulled into the story.

It is not always easy to put your finger on the reasons why a story does not work.  First of all, I found myself unable to connect with the characters.  Alex and Ben just did not work for me, I was unable to relate with them at all.  They both had experienced great tragedy in their lives, but I found both characters to be unsympathetic.  I think my real issue with Wings to Redemption was the lack of action.  I found the first half of the book to be completely focused on the relationship, and the internal struggles of the main characters.  While this is an important element, something has to happen.  It wasn’t until the last half, or maybe even the last third of the book that things actually started to happen.  Unfortunately, by this time I had already lost interest.

2 Stars