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J.R. Park has written one of the most painfully twisted books I have ever had the pleasure of reading.  I loved it!

Upon Waking starts off slowly, you can sense something big is brewing…but what?  Suddenly, the reader is thrust into a rollercoaster ride of some of the most squirm-worthy scenes I have ever read.  The torture and senseless mutilation does not stop.  I honestly had a hard time sitting still while reading.  I think that the best comparison is like watching a medical show on the Discovery Channel, where they are performing an eye surgery (I am not an eye guy).

In 160 pages, there is a collection of characters who all suffer at the hands of Cassie.  The story left me with only one question.  Why Cassie, why?  I read one particular passage to my wife, and now her balls ache too!

If you like a book that will shock and disgust you, you really need to read Upon Waking.*5 Stars

Upon Waking By J.R. Park