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This is one of the things that I absolutely love about being a book blogger! A couple of weeks ago, this author contacted me to ask if I would like to read and review his book. The premise intrigued me, so I gave it a shot.

Wow, Totem left me with so many questions. First and foremost, when will book 2 be released? What has happened to Abby? Where will Kimi go? C. Michael Lorion has created such depth in his characters that I want…no, not want…I need to know more! I have to know where this story is going. And above all else, how will all of this be tied together?

Totem is set in Massachusetts during a major blizzard in the late 1970’s. It follows a collection of interconnected people and the dark stories of their lives. It has everything that I could want in a book: good vs. evil, murder, betrayal, and the unexplained. Lorion continually introduces new and complex characters.  Throughout the book, I wondered how all of the different pieces of the story were going to fit together.

As I neared the conclusion of the book, everything seemed to magically come together. This is one author that I would definitely recommend, especially if you enjoy good, dark, character driven suspense novels.  I will be looking forward to reading the second installment in this gripping new series!

4.5 Stars

Totem:  Book I:  Scars

By C. Michael Lorion