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One thing that I can count on when I crack open a Matt Shaw book, well, I actually never “crack open” a Matt Shaw book, I tap the icon on my Kindle, I digress, you know what I mean.  I can always count on being offended and disgusted.  And that is why I will always go back for more.

Tortured begins normal enough, our friendly neighborhood serial killer is doing normal serial killer stuff, you know, scrapbooking, reminiscing, that sort of thing.  Then suddenly, he ups the ante and goes for the jugular (figuratively).  Then the scene switches, we move forward with a back and forth in each chapter between the serial killer and this down on his luck bloke (I think I am using the term correctly), Ryan, and his family.  For quite some time I found myself wondering, when is all of this going to come together and how?

Once the ball really starts rolling, Tortured is a roller coaster ride without a safety bar.  Matt Shaw leads the reader down the track, only to twist in a double loop of surprises.  He mixes in a perfect amount of gruesomeness and humor to keep a perfectly paced story.

Tortured isn’t for everyone, but it is for me.  There are some graphic scenes that could cause issues for some people.  But it is a work of fiction, something to shock and entertain. It certainly takes you out of your normal day to day life to someplace completely different.  The best part of a Matt Shaw book; you don’t finish a Matt Shaw book, a Matt Shaw book finishes you.

*5 Stars

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Tortured By Matt Shaw