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If you were sent back in time over two thousand years with all of our modern technology and knowledge, how much would you “damage” the future? This is the question that Jacob Hunter asks himself in the second installment of The Last Roman series.

Following The Last Roman, Jacob and his friends have split into small groups with some going out on their own into the ancient Roman Empire of Nero (under his mother’s rule). Agrippina has now become an even larger threat to the future that Jacob knows. He must gather the squad together and “change” the future again for what he believes to be best.

I loved following Jacob Hunter and his gang through the Roman Empire. I love the alternate history of “what if” that changed…where would or could things have gone?

To Crown a Caesar is an excellent follow-up to The Last Roman, Jacob’s struggles, both physical and internal are believable and relatable. The character development was very well done, we develop a better understanding and feel for the others in Jacob’s squad.

I highly recommend To Crown a Caesar and am personally looking forward to the third installment, A Hunter and His Legion.

4 Stars

To Crown A Caesar

By Edward Crichton