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They Who Fell is a great twist on the whole PA genre. There has been a second war in heaven, and hell is full. God, or in this book “The Maker”, has thrown the rebellious angels to earth. These fallen angels have caused the apocalypse.

The story follows two main characters, Holt and Jana. Holt is a fighter, working with a small cell to try and free the people from the angel’s tyranny. Jana has been enslaved by the angels since she was a young girl. She has attracted the attention of two angels in particular, and is torn between fear and desire.

I loved how Kneupper has combined the PA with the second war in heaven. It is great to see an author come up with a completely new idea. The fall of society is not caused by swarms of the undead or some virus cooked up in a lab or in the depths of the African jungle. This apocalypse comes from where we least expect it.

Kneupper has created some great characters, they have a well- established background; regular people like you and me, caught in an unusual situation. I think that most people could find someone that they could connect with. The angels themselves, are well developed; some we hate and others we can’t be too sure about.

The story is well paced, with some well-developed action scenes and a believable love story in the most unlikely of situations.

4 Stars

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They Who Fell – By Kevin Kneupper