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​There are many different genres that came to mind when I read the synopsis for The Tramp; mystery, suspense and paranormal. And The Tramp covers all of these, but above all else it is the coming of age story of John and Candy. Fate has brought these two old friends back together after years of slowly drifting apart.

Sarah Wathen has painted a fantastic picture of a most peculiar small town in the South.  She has eloquently depicted the lives and relationships of the people who call Shirley County home.  She has brought to life the art, music and culture of these wonderful and horrible people.

I’ll be honest, I had some issues with the book, but was completely satisfied by the end.  I would compare The Tramp to a Bob Ross painting.  For the longest time I was reading about these fantastic characters and learning about the history of Shirley County, but I was looking for the story, the action, I needed something to happen.  Then suddenly, just like with a Bob Ross painting, one particular stroke / incident and it all came together with a BANG!  After that I could not read fast enough to see where the story would go.

The Tramp is a great story.  I do have to tell you to be patient, because when the action kicks into gear you will be glad that you did.  From my perspective, Shirley County still has many hidden secrets to discover.

4 Stars

The Tramp 

By Sarah Wathen