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The Red Highway is not one of the best books that I’ve read so far this year, or that I’ve read in a long time…it’s one of the best books that I’ve ever read!  It was an incredible read, one that has so many layers that I was completely enthralled with the story.

You may be wondering what it was about The Red Highway that made it so special. The subject matter!  This is what I love about small publishers, it’s like comparing cable television to the big networks.  They all put out a quality product, but the big networks have these “lawyer” types sitting on their shoulders, telling them, “You can’t do that.”  Whereas the cable networks push the envelope, touching on subjects that are more risqué. The Red Highway takes those limits and smashes them with a sledge hammer.

A long time ago…in a land far away…Los Angeles…1992.  This is the setting for The Red Highway, a time very much in recent memory.  This is a time when the $h!t really hit the fan, with police brutality and racism; Robert E. Dunn has embraced this above mentioned $h!t and has taken it to the next level.  I was shocked by what he wrote, asking myself if he could write that. I loved the irreverence of how he handled the subject matter.

No matter how good the story is, or how brave the author is, no story works without great characters.  Robert E. Dunn has given me some great ones.  Each one is an outcast, someone that society wants to hide down in the cellar until the guests have left.  These are the people who must save our souls.

If you love a great story, one with fantastic characters and a fearless author; if you are up for having your faith tested and your limits pushed…read The Red Highway!

*5 Stars +++

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The Red Highway

 By Robert E. Dunn