Following a cave-in within the catacombs beneath Rome, Elisabetta Celestino is brought back into a world she left behind ten years ago.  This world is overshadowed by a conspiracy that is thousands of years old, and a prophecy about to be fulfilled.

The Devil Will Come was a fun book to read, it jumped from modern times to first century Rome and then to Elizabethan England.  I love a book that pulls in historical and archaeological elements; it creates a tangible connection to the story, making it “seem” more real and giving it credibility.

The characters were very well developed, from our heroine, Elisabetta, her brother, Zazo and even the villain, K.  We understand their motivations and a connection is created with them.  Even the secondary characters, like Elisabetta’s father are well developed, with their own albatross to bare.

What I enjoyed most was the intricate conspiracy.  Glenn Cooper created a fascinating plot, going back to the Julio-Claudian dynasty.  It was very well thought out, and the characters involved were incredibly devious, if not downright evil.

If you enjoy a modern adventure that ties in historical elements and a story that will keep you guessing the whole way through, then this would be a great book for you.  I, myself, was left wondering, “Will there be more adventures for Elisabetta and Zazo?”

4.5 Stars

The Devil Will Come
By Glenn Cooper

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