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 Anthologies are always tough to review, especially ones with as many authors as The Black Room Manuscripts.  There are twenty-one stories by as many authors.  These authors have all contributed to the collection to raise money for animal welfare in the U.K.

I really don’t believe in rating and reviewing each and every single story in a collection (although there is nothing wrong with that).  I prefer to look at the collection as a whole, examining my overall feeling after completing the anthology.

The Black Room Manuscripts is a cornucopia of styles and themes, all well within the dark horror genre.  There are some stories set on both sides of the pond, some set in the past, others in the future, there is even an old white van.  Really, there is something for everyone.  Unfortunately, whenever you toss so much together, you are bound to get a couple that are not quite your taste.  It’s kind of like when you grab a handful of jelly beans, there will be a couple that you just don’t like.

All in all, I enjoyed The Black Room Manuscripts.  I had the pleasure of reading some great little tales by some authors that I’ve read before, and found a few others that I’ll be looking forward to reading full length books by.  For me, that is the real fun of an anthology like this.

*4 Stars

The Black Room Manuscripts

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