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I was immediately intrigued by The Binding.  The synopsis talks about mental disorders and evil spirits that are both tied up in a “town’s wicked history”.  I love the type of book that blurs the lines between the natural and the supernatural.

The Binding ended up being my kind of horror; I’m not a big believer in monsters, aliens and that sort of horror, these things just don’t exist.  My kind of horror plays off of our belief systems, evil spirits, demonic possession, ghosts – now those things are real.  Nicholas Wolff has straddled the line between demonic evil and mental health and how we need to have a rational explanation for things that go beyond proof.

Nicholas Wolff has painted a vivid picture of a small New England town complete with the class structure, relationships and overlapping family histories.  His characters are very well developed and he spends a good amount of time letting the read get to know each one.

The Binding is a slow building story, it takes its time revealing all of Northam’s secrets.  I found that Nicholas Wolff did this without letting the story drag or jeopardizing the pace.

The Binding is a dark, twisted story that kept me deeply invested from beginning to end.  Even when real life beckoned and I had to put the book down, the story was still at the forefront of my mind.

*5 Stars

The Binding - By Nicholas Wolff