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Two WWII British pilots are trapped behind enemy lines in Nazi Germany.  This is the story of their desperate attempts of survival, but can they survive with their lives and their sanity?

The Alphabet House is one of those stories where I really have to ask myself, where do authors get these ideas?  The story was so well developed and intricate; every minute detail fell perfectly into place.

The story is written in two parts.  Part one deals with Bryan and James’ escape from their pursuers, and their stay in The Alphabet House.  What is The Alphabet House?  You’ll have to read it yourself to find out.  The second part of the book is set twenty seven years after the war and deals with Bryan and James getting beyond the scars left by The Alphabet House.  Each part is a fantastic, exciting story on its own; the two together create an amazing, unimaginable adventure.  This was a book that I hated to put down.

James and Bryan were incredibly well developed characters.  The author brought me well into the depths of each of their minds, and he would switch points of view from one to the other.  And the bad guys, well, they are some of the sickest monsters that I have ever read about.  What makes them so horrible is that their characteristics are pulled straight from reality.

Would I recommend The Alphabet House?


5 Stars​


The Alphabet House

By Jussi Adler-Olsen