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Tartarus (West of Hell #2)

By Jason Brant

Tartarus picks up where Gehenna left off. So if you didn’t read Gehenna yet, what are you waiting for?! Go read Gehenna, then read Tartarus and then, like me, look forward to Sheol.

Mad Dog and Karen have escaped the infected of Gehenna and managed to hop on the train as it passes through town. Unfortunately, one of the infected was helped on board as well. The story follows the spread of the infection on an enclosed rail car. I am beginning to think that Mad Dog and Karen are perpetually stuck in Murphy’s Law…what can go wrong, does go wrong.

This book was exactly what I needed for where I was at the time. I completed the book in one evening. Jason Brant writes so well that I could not wait to turn the page to see what would happen next.

What I truly appreciate is the time, effort and energy that Jason Brant has put into what is essentially a fun, fast paced zombie story. Even the book titles themselves, “Gehenna”, “Tartarus”, and “Sheol”. How perfect for a zombie trilogy (if you don’t get it, “google” or “Wikipedia” them).

All I can say is that Tartarus is Brantastic and I can hardly await my inevitable trip to the depths of Sheol.

4.5 Stars